Our research objective is to transform biomedical inventions into health care innovations.

Our central challenge is to manage the rapidly increasing amounts of complex molecular data available, and provide analysis that is usable for biomedical research and clinical application. We focus on developing methods and algorithms for efficient, reproducible, and reliable omics data processing and interpretation as well as new data access technologies. This includes the necessary software and systems engineering, and process innovations to perform modern data-driven translational research.

The following list highlights some of our 3rd-party funded research projects. Please see our list of publication and software for a more comprehensive overview of our activities in research, technology development, cooperation, and service.


MSTARS - Multimodal Clinical Mass Spectrometry to Target Treatment Resistance, WP Data Management and Integrative Analysis, BMBF funded.

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NFDI-GHGA German Human Genome Archive, Task Area Community Reference Data Curation & Processing Workflows, DFG funded.

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CompCancer is a PhD programme (DFG funded research training group) that focusses on computational aspects of cancer research.

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